The Essence of the Game

Put together the most successful NHL hockey team with limited budget. In this game, each NHL player has floating market price and is awarded points for goals, assists, ice-time minutes or save percentage performed in real NHL games. Your task is to purchase players that will contribute the most points to your team for the least money.

Play with your team against the world, in your country, or create your own league with your friends. Be successful and earn various trophies. After PLAY-OFF, the most successful scout will be awarded the most valuable trophie.

After registration, you will receive six randomly selected players: one goalie, two defenders and three attackers. These six positions is the minimum every team has to be made of. You can sell randomly selected players any time, provided your team will continue with these six positions filled. Newly purchased player can be sold after 10 days after his joining the team. You can purchase again a player you once sold only after 90 days after his sale. So think well who to purchase or to sell! Minimal price of a player is 0.5$.

Several hours after last NHL game of the day is finished, the real results are recalculated into SCOUT points. This happens around 7-9 am UTC. SCOUT points are awarded to your players according to following key:

SCOUT points
Goaltenders Save percentage in game:
89-90% -> 1 point
90-91% -> 2 points
91-92% -> 3 points
99-100% -> 11 points
Shutout -> 12 points
Every 10 shots on goal + 1 point
Upper limit value always belong to higher range
Skaters goal -> 5 points
assistance -> 3 points
result +/- *2 points
every two hits +1 point
every two blocked shots +1 point
giveaway -1 point
takeaway +1 point
For defenders only Ice-time
20-24:59 minutes -> 1 point
25-29:59 minutes -> 2 points
30 and more -> 3 points

The goalkeeper can be awarded points only if he plays at least 20 minutes in the match or opponent team fires at least 10 shots at him. Different pointing systém of goalies, defenders and attackers is providing evenness of points awarded to different positions.